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Photography + it’s Greatest Gift

I am sharing some pictures that I took my last year in college with the Graphic Design & Digital Communications Degree. We had a photography class (which I fell in love with photography). Whenever I capture a great photo I feel nothing but pure joy. When I do sessions (okay I’m not that popular yet and have done very few, mostly just friends and for fun, for now) when I look at the preview on my camera I have caught myself jumping with happiness and I suddenly feel proud of myself.

I never knew I would fall in love with something so deeply. It also goes in with graphic design so it’s a win, win. I hope to eventually open my own photography business someday. I have a business name I created while in school and for school, Aj Designs (look me up ;). Once I am done with this degree I am hoping to put my full force into starting my own business and hopefully doing that full time.

So when people ask me why I love photography – it’s a simple, yet cliche answer – I love to capture the little things in life. Whether it be a still life image, landscape image, a portrait and so on. When I look back and look on my work I feel pure joy. I feel happy. I feel proud of myself.

You don’t take a photograph, you make it.

Ansel Adams

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