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Living With a Five Month Old Corgi !!!

Meet Mollie! She is a 5 month (almost 6 month old) Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

We got Mollie from a breeder in Canton, SD. on October 4th. It has been a chaotic nut house since them, lol. The first couple of months she had such high energy (couldn’t control it whatsoever) and had a fettish with MY feet, but mostly, only, my feet. She would attack them. And I mean ATTACK them. Sometimes she wouldn’t let go. I had scabs all over my feet, to the point where we couldn’t take it anymore. I assumed it was just teething and the puppy/herding instinct in her.

So finally after much research and consideration, my boyfriend & I decided to send her away to obedience school (ya I know awful PAWrents). We sent her to Midwest Dog Training in North Sioux City, SD where she stayed for 3 weeks. The guy even picked her up and dropped her off and had a 2 hour debriefing with us. Ever since she has been the sweetest little girl who just needed some correction, lol. She has learned many commands and still continuing to. She hasn’t attacked my feet ONCE (she’s been back for almost 2 weeks. We are super impressed and the 3 weeks without her were worth it considering the results.

So now our lives are complete with a well behaved, sassy, hilarious corgi. She keeps our lives entertaining, that’s for sure!!


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